Kerala receives around 300 sunny days a year and yet we complain about interrupted supply of power or acute shortage of it. The question is why are we not utilising the biggest resource that we have in our hands to mitigate this problem once and for all.

Experts in the field point this apprehension in people due to the different myths that people associate with installing Solar Panels at home.

Myth 1 - Its an expensive affair.

It is an expensive affair? It really is Not. At Chery's Power we always try to work out an arrangement which ensures you get the best competitive prices whereby you a steady supply of power at your disposal without any dependence from an external source.

Myth 2 -It is not environment friendly.

This is where you cannot get more wrong. By going Solar you get to negate the burden of contributing to the emission Co2 of and harmful gases. In other words you are now the Agent of Change in your neighbourhood who leads by example.

Myth 3 - I don't get any benefits from the government.

Wrong! Wrong!Wrong!. By interlinking your Solar power with the Power lines, the government pays YOU for supplying them power!

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